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Track version 24h-MTB-Race

To Nürburg and back


first round: 8,8km

normal round: 9,0km

metres in altitude: 209hm

altitude chart: see below

further information:Wikipedia; Nürburgring


The mountainbike course at Rad am Ring starts at the Nürburgring start and finish line, continues until the historical Nürburg castle and leads back again- an experience with great surprises.

The mountainbike course already begins with a great thrill on the legendary start&finishing straight of the Nürburgring. The only noises you hear in the unique atmosphere, where normally the Formula 1 protagonists let their engines howl, is the whirring of chains and the bustle of the huge pit area. At the end of the starting straight, there is a hard right leading directly into the Mercedes Arena. From there, the course takes another right turn and leads through the riders' paddock.

This is where the racing teams camp right next to the track hereby creating an impressive arena for the competitors. Out of the riders' paddock, the GP course is crossed and with the short easy downhill section on tarmac the comfortable part ends.

A short "bunny hop" (at km 2.7) takes the mountainbikers into the midst of the countryside at the foot of Nüburg castle.

A slight climb over meadows is what follows. Then there are gravel tracks still leading uphill to the road crossing (permanently barred off; approx. km 3.5). Subsequently a steeper climb which takes it out on the riders. Then there are dirt tracks and forest tracks and a short, narrow path leading right up to Nürburg castle which is the absolute highlight of the route.

Wonderful views of the Nürburgring, the town and far into the Eifel countryside are the first rewards for the struggle. What follows is a 500 metre single trail going steeply downhill which is a real treat for all technical riders. Then the course gets wider again and finally leads into a forest with jolly up and down single trails. After a further road crossing (permanently barred; approx. km 5.2) the course once more runs along meadows and dirt tracks. From then on it's all: "gears up" and the competitors can fly downhill to the lowest point of the course (at km 6). This is where the MTB course leads back onto the Nürburgring Nordschleife and back to the start&finish line on tarmac.

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