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Paddock & Pit Classification

Knowing where, knowing how

Answers to the most important questions: where is which parcel located? What surface will you be camping on? Which sizes are available? What about electricity?

A detailed site plan! 

The arrangement of the boxes and parcels can be seen in the new detailed site plan. You can download the PDF file and zoom into it closely to get an overview of the site. The location of the parcels is shown precisely.


Constitution and Size

The constitution and size of the parcels can also be seen in the site plan. There can be some minor discrepancies, however. Precise information is written in the table below.


In google maps, there is a reasonably current satellite view which helps with the orientation in terms of location and character besides the site plan.


Attention on tarmac!

It is not allowed to put pegs on tarmac areas. Damages or contaminations caused by a participant (including team members and supervisors, etc.) will be invoiced to the team manager or individual participant.


In the boxes there are plenty of sockets (Schuko) and electricity available.

For each parcel there is a power connection within a radius of 50 meters. If neccessary, you'll have to/might ask your neighbours if you can plug in your devices in their sockets. The available quantities of electricity are limited, however. Therefore fan heater, hair dryer and other "high power users" are not wanted.

For the power supply each team should have a waterproof (!) extension cord of appropriate length. It can be used with popular shock-extensors everywhere in the riders paddock . Only the parcels H and HH have electricity connections, only for Euro plugs (camping). Here you need a EURO adapter that is available in every camping store.


Water stations are signposted throughout the area (paddock/parcels).

Box or parcel

Participants can choose whether they want to book with or without a box. Choosing without a box means that all parcels in the drop-down menu that are available will show up.

Box spot (box) = place in a covered box in the Formula 1 pit buildings with additional space for a vehicle behind the box. Individual riders and teams of 2 get about 3.5 x 6 meters extra room behind the box. All 4 teams in a box have 3.5 x 10 meters. The 8-team places will get about 7 x 10 meters. The space behind the box can be used individually for example for tents, vehicles, caravans etc., i.e. neither open caravan doors nor rear mirrors or tent poles must protrude.

All participants (teams and individual participants) have to choose a space within the riders paddock when they sign up for the race (see below and site plan).

Parcel = open space in the riders paddock under the stars. In what form you will use your parcel is up to you. You can set up tents, parked vehicles or trailers.

Generally, vehicles, trailers or other materials that cannot be accommodated on the parcel or in the box, have to be placed outside the Grand Prix course in the parking area B1, B2, B3 (subject to charge) or at Muellenbachschleife (cost-free, only participants of 24h-races, only while space is available).

Drafts of the arrangement of parcels and boxes can be found HERE

Constitution, Location and Size of the Parcels

Parcel Area




ground constitution

A 1 115 3,5 x 12 Tarmac
AA 1 76 3,5 x 12 Tarmac
C 1 27 3,5 x 12 Tarmac
  28 39 3,5 x 12 Grass
D 1 16 3,5 x 12 Tarmac
  17 123 3,5 x 12 half grass half gravel
  124 164 3,5 x 12 Tarmac
  165 189 5 x 8 Grass
  190 196 4 x 10 Tarmac
  197 215 4 x 10 Grass
  216 238 4 x 10 Grass
  239 245 4 x 10 Tarmac
  246 300 3,5 x 12 Grass
DD 1 54 3,5 x 12 Tarmac
  55 87 4 x 10 Grass
  88 94 4 x 10 Tarmac
  98 114 4 x 10 Grass
  115 138 4 x 10 Grass
  139 145 4 x 10 Tarmac
  146 164 4 x 10 Grass
E 1 50 individuell Tarmac
EE 1 16 3,5 x 12 Tarmac
F 1 50 3,5 x 12 Tarmac
G 1 68 3,5 x 12 Tarmac
H 1 86 3,5 x 12 Tarmac
HH 1 8 3,5 x 12 Tarmac
i 1 25 3,5 x 12 Grass
J 1 60 3,5 x 12 Grass
JJ 1 20 3,5 x 12 Grass
K 1 27 3,5 x 12 Gravel
M 1 75 3,5 x 12 Tarmac
M 76 90 3,5 x 6 Tarmac for Individuals
L 1 120 3,5 x 12 Grass


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