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Circuit version of Rudi Altig Race

Classic combination


Since 1927 Nuerburgring has been the legendary Nordschleife, also called “Green Hell”. And it has been Grand Prix circuit, built in 1984 and extended by Mercedes Arena in 2002. It can be ridden in two sections (sprint course and Muehlbach loop) and easily merged with Nordschleife.

At Rad am Ring we combine the given routings differently for the individual disciplines and in addition to this lead the riders of our 24-hour races through Grand Prix paddock.
This way various course lengths, elevation profiles and bend variations are created. The amount of the latter leaves Nuerburgring philosophers somewhat divided, therefore different entries are found in literature. We specified 73 bends for Nordschleife.

Circuit version of Rudi Altig Race

When the ex-champion outpaced the whole world’s elite in 1966 and crowned himself road bike World Champion, Nuerburgring looked a little different from today. Nuerburgring’s surroundings were refurbished in 2009 and Grand Prix circuit was built in 1984. In Rudi Altig Race the so-called “Sprint Strecke” (sprint course) will be ridden and supplemented by Nordschleife. Rudi Altig Race leads over five rounds on the whole course (24.4 km with 560 vertical meters respectively) and an additional five rounds on GP circuit (5.1 km with 125 vertical meters respectively).

All in all this amounts to approximately 140 km and around 3,500 vertical meters. The race starts on Sunday at a quarter past noon on Grand Prix circuit, exit pit lane.

Track Information

Min Elevation 334.94 m Max Elevation 625.48 m
Total Distance 24.28 km

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